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    Comandos Dos Heros

    Mensagem  Admin em Sab Dez 22, 2007 1:16 pm

    Comandos Dos Hero:

    Se Voçê Tiver De Adm No Seu Sv e Quiser Altera Use o Comando Assim:
    nightc_cliptime 6
    amx_rcon nightc_cliptime 10

    agent_level 0
    agent_cooldown 10 //# of seconds before Agent can teleport again.
    agent_teleportnum 3 //# of times Agent can teleport in a round
    agent_spawndelay 15 //# of seconds player must wait at new round before teleporting

    //Agent Zero
    agentz_level 0

    alien_level 0
    alien_health 125 //Default 125
    alien_armor 125 //Default 125
    alien_knifemult 0.0 //Damage multiplyer for his Knife
    alien_vision 160 //How far vision is zoomed out (must be 100 or higer because normal vision is 90)
    alien_tint 50 //How dark the green screen tint is (255-no sight, 0-perfect sight)
    alien_alpha 50 //Alpha level when invisible (0-invisible, 255-full visibility)
    alien_knifemode 0 //1-knife only can't change weapons, 0-Alien Vision on only when knifing (def 0)

    anubis_level 0
    anibus_showdamage 1 //(0|1) - hide|show bullet damage..
    anibus_showchat 1 //(0|1) - hide|show ghostchat messages..

    aquaman_level 0
    aquaman_armorcost 0 //How much armor each bubble thrower blast uses
    aquaman_numbubbles 7 //How many giant killer bubbles
    aquaman_bubbledamage 10 //How much damage each bubble does

    bass_level 10
    bass_health 200 //Default 200
    bass_armor 200 //Default 200
    bass_speed 200 //Default 200
    bass_gravity 0.40 //Default 0.40
    bass_laser_ammo 1000 //total # of shots given each round, -1 is unlimited (Default 1000)
    bass_laser_burndecals 1 //Show the burn decals on the walls
    bass_cooldown 0.0 //Cooldown timer between laser use
    bass_multishot 0.1 //Delay for multishots on holding key down, set to -1 for only 1 shot per keydown (Default 0.1)

    batgirl_level 0
    batgirl_moveacc 650 //How quickly she can move while on the zipline
    batgirl_reelspeed 1000 //How fast hook line reels in
    batgirl_hookstyle 3 //1=spacedude, 2=spacedude auto reel (spiderman), 3=cheap kids real (batgirl)
    batgirl_hooksky 0 //0=no sky hooking 1=sky hooking allowed
    batgirl_teamcolored 1 //1=teamcolored zip lines 0=white zip lines
    batgirl_maxhooks -1 //Max ammout of hooks allowed (-1 is an unlimited ammount)

    batman_level 0
    batman_health 125 //Starting Health
    batman_armor 125 //Starting Armor

    blink_level 0
    blink_amount 4 //Ammount of teleportaions available
    blink_cooldown 10 //Cooldown timer between uses
    blink_delay 1.5 //Delay time before the teleport occurs
    blink_delaystuck 0 //Is the user stuck in place during the delay?

    bomberman_level 0
    bomberman_cooldown 5 //Cooldown time from bomb explostion until new planting
    bomberman_xpbased 0 //Does he get more bombs each level (def=0)
    bomberman_bombs 1 //How Many Bombs does he start with (def=1)
    bomberman_bpl 1 //How Many More Bombs Does he get each level (def=1)
    bomberman_radius 400 //Radius of damage (def=400)
    bomberman_maxdamage 100 //Maximum Damage to deal (def=100)

    //Captain America
    captaina_level 0
    captaina_pctperlev 0.02 //Percentage that factors into godmode randomness
    captaina_godsecs 1 //# of seconds of god mode

    casper_level 0
    casper_health 50 //Max amount of Health when in Ghost mode (Default 50)
    casper_armor 25 //Max amount of Armor when in Ghost mode (Default 25)
    casper_stuckcheck 1 //Kill user if stuck in wall/ground after noclip, 0=no 1=yes (Default 1)

    chucky_level 0
    chucky_cooldown 600 // ammount of time before next available respawn
    chucky_knifemult 2.5 // ammount mutiplied to damage when knifing
    chucky_knifespeed 720 // user speed when knife is out

    //Cola Lover
    cola_level 0
    cola_health 700 //Starting Health (default is 700)
    cola_speed 500 //Running Speed (default is 500)

    cyclops_level 5
    cyclops_laser_ammo 20 //total # of shots given each round
    cyclops_laser_burndecals 1 //Show the burn decals on the walls
    cyclops_cooldown 0.20 //Cooldown timer between shots
    cyclops_multishot 0.20 //Delay for multishots on holding key down

    daredevil_level 0
    daredevil_radius 600 //Radius of the rings
    daredevil_bright 192 //How bright to make the rings

    dazzler_level 0
    dazzler_radius 3000 //radius of people affected
    dazzler_cooldown 15 //# of seconds before Dazzler can flash

    //Demolition Man
    demoman_level 6
    demoman_radius 300 // radius of blast
    demoman_maxdamage 125 // max damage a mine can cause
    demoman_maxmines 2 // max ammount of mines that can be placed at once
    demoman_minehealth 80 // health of mines (determines how many shots blow them up)

    dracula_level 0
    dracula_pctperlev 0.03 //What percent of damage to give back per level of player

    exodus_level 0
    exodus_cooldown 15 //# of seconds before next available use after a grabbed user is released (Default 15)
    exodus_grabtime 6 //# of seconds Exodus can grab a player for, -1 is unlimited (Default 6)
    exodus_grabforce 8.0 //Grab force or speed you can move a grabbed user, 1.5 min - 16.0 max (Default 8.0)
    exodus_toggle 1 //0-hold keydown to use, 1-toggles the grab (Default 1)

    flash_level 0
    flash_speed 450 //the speed Flash can run

    gambit_level 0
    gambit_grenademult 60.9 //Damage multiplyer from orginal damage amount (def 60.9)
    gambit_grenadetimer 30.0 //How many seconds delay for new grenade after nade is thrown (def 30.0)
    gambit_cooldown 120.0 //How many seconds until extra grenade damage can be used again (def 120.0)

    goku_level 0
    goku_aps 5 //The amount of AP gained per second (Default 5)
    goku_apl 250 //AP amount multiplied by ssjlevel = AP required for each ssjlevel and cost of ssjlevel power use (Default 250)
    goku_hpl 30 //HP amount multiplied by ssjlevel, ex. 30*ssj2 = +60HP (Default 30)
    goku_hpmax 500 //Max HP that can be gained (Default 500)
    goku_speedbase 300 //Initial Speed boost for ssjlevel 1, only sets if you are slower (Default 300)
    goku_speedadd 25 //Speed added to goku_speedbase every next ssjlevel (Default 25)
    goku_damage1 70 //Max Damage for ssjlevel 1 power (Default 70)
    goku_damage2 100 //Max Damage for ssjlevel 2 power (Default 100)
    goku_damage3 175 //Max Damage for ssjlevel 3 power (Default 175)
    goku_damage4 300 //Max Damage for ssjlevel 4 power (Default 300)
    goku_radius1 100 //Max Radius of Damage for ssjlevel 1 power (Default 100)
    goku_radius2 300 //Max Radius of Damage for ssjlevel 2 power (Default 300)
    goku_radius3 700 //Max Radius of Damage for ssjlevel 3 power (Default 700)
    goku_radius4 1500 //Max Radius of Damage for ssjlevel 4 power (Default 1500)
    goku_blast_decals 1 //Show the burn decals on the walls (0-no 1-yes)

    //Grim Reaper
    grimreaper_level 0
    grimreaper_knifemult 10.0 //Multiplier for knife damage (Default 10.0)
    grimreaper_alpha 60 //Grim Reaper's invisibility (Default 60)
    grimreaper_gravity 0.25 //Precent of normal gravity (Default 0.25)

    //Hob Goblin
    goblin_level 0
    goblin_grenademult 1.5 //Damage multiplyer from orginal damage amount
    goblin_grenadetimer 10 //How many second delay for new grenade

    hulk_level 0
    hulk_radius 1800 //Radius of people affected
    hulk_cooldown 7 //# of seconds before Hulk can ReStun
    hulk_stuntime 3 //# of seconds Hulk Stuns Everybody
    hulk_stunspeed 70 //Speed of stunned players

    //Human Torch
    htorch_level 0
    htorch_armorcost 15 //How much amour each flame uses
    htorch_numburns 5 //How many time to burn the victim
    htorch_burndamage 10 //How much damage each burn does

    //Invisible Man
    invisman_level 0
    invisman_alpha 50 //Alpha level when invisible. 0 = invisible, 255 = full visibility.
    invisman_delay 5 //Time a player must be still to become invisible
    invisman_checkmove 1 //Should movement be checked, or only shooting? 0 = only check shooting

    //Iron Man
    ironman_level 0
    ironman_timer 0.1 //How often (seconds) to run the loop
    ironman_thrust 125 //The upward boost every loop
    ironman_maxspeed 400 //Max x and y speeds (while in air)
    ironman_xymult 1.05 //Multiplies the current x,y vector when moving
    ironman_armorfuel 1 //Uses armor as fuel
    ironman_fuelcost 1 //How much armor does it cost per firing
    ironman_armor 100 //How much armor does ironman start with?

    kamikaze_level 0
    kamikaze_radius 300 //Radius of people affected by blast
    kamikaze_fuse 15 //# of seconds before kamikaze blows Up
    kamikaze_maxdamage 125 //Maximum damage to deal to a player

    magneto_level 10
    magneto_cooldown 45 //Time delay bewtween automatic uses
    magneto_boost 125 //How much of an upward throw to give weapons
    magneto_giveglock 1 //Give the poor victim a glock?

    mystique_level 0
    mystique_cooldown 0 //Cooldown time between morphs
    mystique_maxtime 0 //Max time you can be morphed
    mystique_toggle 1 //Should the key be a toggle or do they need to hold it down

    //Night Crawler
    nightc_level 0
    nightc_cooldown 30 //# of seconds before NightCrawler can NoClip Again
    nightc_cliptime 6 //# of seconds NightCrawler has in noclip mode.

    penguin_level 0
    penguin_grenademult 1.0 //Damage multiplyer, 1.0 = no xtra dmg (def 1.0)
    penguin_grenadetimer 30.0 //How many seconds delay for new grenade after nade is thrown (def 30.0)
    penguin_cooldown 120.0 //How many seconds until penguin grenade can be used again (def 120.0)
    penguin_fuse 5.0 //Length of time Penguin grenades can seek for before blowing up (def 5.0)
    penguin_nadespeed 900 //Speed of Penguin grenades when seeking (def 900)

    phoenix_level 0
    phoenix_cooldown 120 //Ammount of time before next available respawn (Default 120)
    phoenix_radius 375 //Radius of people affected by blast (Default 375)
    phoenix_maxdamage 90 //Maximum damage dealt spread over radius (Default 90)

    punisher_level 0
    punisher_dropwpn 0 //Should clinet be forced to drop thier weapon?

    skeletor_level 0
    skeletor_cooldown 20 // # of seconds for skeletor cooldown
    skeletor_camptime 10 // # of seconds player considered camping w/o x/y movement
    skeletor_movedist 10 // minimum amount of dist player has to move b4 considered not camping

    spiderman_level 0
    spiderman_moveacc 140 //How quickly he can move while on the hook
    spiderman_reelspeed 400 //How fast hook line reels in
    spiderman_hookstyle 2 //1=spacedude, 2=spacedude auto reel (spiderman), 3=cheap kids real (batgirl)
    spiderman_teamcolored 1 //1=teamcolored web lines 0=white web lines
    spiderman_maxhooks 60 //Max ammout of hooks allowed (-1 is an unlimited ammount)

    sonic_level 0
    sonic_gravity 0.40 //default 0.40 = lower gravity
    sonic_armor 170 //default 170
    sonic_health 170 //default 170
    sonic_speed 510 //how fast he runs

    steel_level 0
    steel_hpsetsuit 40 //Health # to set suit on (def 40)
    steel_aps 3 //Amount of Armor regenerated per second when suit is on (def 3)
    steel_maxaps 100 //Max Armor regenerated per second when suit is on (def 100)

    superman_level 0
    superman_gravity 0.35 //Gravity
    superman_health 150 //Starting health
    superman_armor 150 //STarting armor

    windwalker_level 0

    wolv_level 0
    wolv_healpoints 3 //The # of HP healed per second
    wolv_knifespeed 290 //Speed of wolveine in knife mode
    wolv_knifemult 1.35 //Multiplier for knife damage

    xavier_level 7
    xavier_traillength 25 //Length of trail behind players
    xavier_showteam 0 //Show trails on your team
    xavier_showenemy 1 //Show trails on enemies
    xavier_refreshtimer 5.0 //How often do the trails refresh

    zeus_level 9
    zeus_cooldown 600 // # of seconds for zeus cooldown

    zeus_level 9

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    Re: Comandos Dos Heros

    Mensagem  mercenario em Qui Jan 10, 2008 4:44 am

    o admin vc poderia me passa a pasta com o level dos hero
    no meu server ta tudo level 1

      Data/hora atual: Seg Jul 23, 2018 7:09 am